Mist sprayer Sinfonia 18/415, PP, black, glossy finish, dose 0.10 ml, with transparant overcap (for Virgo 30 ml)

General information

Item code: FPB07A3B002-200
Type of closure: spray caps
Glass capacity: 30 ml (1-oz)
Thread: 18/415
Series: sinfonia
Material: PP
Color: black
Old item code: SPV-D0.10-CFL30-KTR-SW
Diameter (mm): 21.6 ±0.2
Height (mm): 34.2 ±0.5
Lockable: Yes
Pcs / box: 1500
Pcs / pack: 90
Weight (gram): 5.6

Protective cap

Color: Transparent
Total height (mm): 40.0 ±1.0
Type: Clip

Spray cap

Actuator material: POM
Seal material: BUNA
Tube color: Transparent
Tube length: 25.7 / 42.6 ±1 mm
Tube material: PE
Volume: 0.15 ml
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Product information
This Miron mist sprayer Sinfonia, with the item code: FPB07A3B002-200 belongs to the category spray caps. The aim of fine misters is to gently spray substances over a larger area avoiding them to soak or saturate. They can be used for fragrances, air fresheners, facial mists, skincare, cosmetics, toners, and many more applications for which only a thin layer of product is necessary. The 18/415 thread fits perfectly to the Miron cosmetic bottle Virgo 30 ml. The material, PP (polypropylene) has a high chemical resistance. There will be a dosage of 0.10 ml per pump. Miron offers a selection of high-quality spray caps in various styles to go with the items of the violet glass bottles family.  The length of the tube is 25.7 mm but can be custom made. The pump can be closed with the transparent protective cap that reduces the risk of contaminating the substance by preventing dirt and dust to settle in the nozzle. 
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