Screw cap series III, PP28, tamper-evident, PP, black, ribbed with violet Phan inlay (for Aquarius & Aguila)

Informazione Generale

Item code: RGB43D1A001-200
Tipo di chiusura: tappi a vite
Capacità del vetro: 100 ml (3 1/3-oz), 250 ml (8 1/2-oz), 500 ml (17-oz), 1000 ml (33 3/4-oz)
Filettatura: PP28
Serie: serie III
Design-serie: Aguila, Aquarius
Forma: arrotondata
Materiale: PP
Colore: nero
Vecchio codice articolo: SVOE-III-PP28-SW
Diametro (mm): 26.7 ±0.2
Altezza (mm): 22.5 ±0.2
Bloccabile: No
Pc / sacchetto: 500
Pz / scatola: 2500
Peso (gram): 4.1

Anello anti-manomissione

Materiale: PELD
Genere: III

Elemento di tenuta viola

IDPE spessore: 40 μm
Materiale: PHAN
PET-PE-spessore: 62 μm
Spessore: 1.5 mm
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Info sui prodotti
Screw caps can be used to seal a wide variety of bottles including cosmetic, water, syrup, and dropper bottles. MIRON offers several designs of tamper-evident caps that can be selected based on your preference and needs. This design not only has a more luxurious look, also is not as easy to manipulate, providing additional protection. This ribbed black cap is made from a high-quality polypropylene (PP), which has a high resistance to chemicals. Each lid includes a violet-colored sealing element to enable the jars to be hermetically sealed. This element is made from PHAN, a three-layer laminated product consisting of two layers of solid PET films on the outside and a layer of EPE foam on the inside. The foam center core ensures an airtight seal, protecting the contents inside of the jar. This screw cap has a PP28 thread and pairs with the Aquarius and Aguila bottle families.
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