Child-resistant dropper cap series II, DIN18, tamper-evident, PP, black matt, pictorial with natural vertical dropper 0.7 mm, type S-II

Informazione Generale

Item code: RGB02F2B001-200
Tipo di chiusura: tappi contagocce
Capacità del vetro: 5 ml (1/6-oz), 10 ml (1/3-oz), 15 ml (1/2-oz), 20 ml (2/3-oz), 30 ml (1-oz), 50 ml (1 2/3-oz), 60 ml (2-oz), 100 ml (3 1/3-oz)
Filettatura: DIN18
Serie: a prova di bambino
Materiale: PEHD
Colore: nero
Vecchio codice articolo: KVO-IIGL-TSII-0.7-D18-E2-SW
Diametro (mm): 24.5 ±0.2
Altezza (mm): 23.2 ±0.2
Bloccabile: No
Pc / sacchetto: 50
Pz / scatola: 3500
Peso (gram): 4.9

Anello anti-manomissione

Materiale: PEHD
Genere: II

Dropper insert

Diametro di apertura (mm): 0.7
Colore: Transparent
Materiale: PELD
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Info sui prodotti
The Child-resistant Series II Dropper Cap DIN18 has a S-II air nozzle and a 0.7 mm natural vertical dropper, which allows you to dispense liquids in a precise manner. This makes dropper caps the ideal closure for everything from pharmaceuticals to fragrances, which both require a controlled flow and drip rate. Dropper caps can prevent unnecessary product waste and inhibit the oxidation of natural products. MIRON offers several designs of tamper-evident caps that can be selected based on your preference and needs. Our tamper-evident Series II closures are made from a single mold, having 4-6 ridges on the side, to ensure your product is protected. This design incorporates additional safety features to prevent children from accessing potentially hazardous products, such as medicine, by providing resistance when a child tries to open the product. The cap first needs to be first pushed down and then turned to open the product. Additionally, the top of the cap includes an illustration that shows how to open it. The cap has a matte black finish and is made from polypropylene (PP), which is easily produced and has a high degree of purity. Some of its benefits include being difficult to break, lightweight, and recyclable. Due to its properties, PP is suitable for various applications and packaging, including food, cosmetic, and natural healing products. This dropper cap has a DIN18 thread and pairs perfectly with any of the 5 – 100 ml Orion Dropper Bottles.
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