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Aloe Vera: 99.5% water, 0.5% miracle

Aloe vera is one of the most amazing and most commonly used plants on the planet. That incredible minuscule 0.5% contains more than 200 nutrients. Also, 19 of the 20 amino acids the human body requires. Including seven of the eight essential amino acids that cannot be produced by our body.


How Miron bottles are upcycled into art

We are very happy that our customers are often reusing our bottles since reusing is even more sustainable than recycling. Our Austrian customer Buster Bang is taking reusing to the next level by upcycling our water bottles into designer tables. Check their story and see the tables for yourself.


Buzz of the bees

The voice of spring is the buzz of the bees. During the past years, unfortunately, the buzz has grown quiet even though bees are crucial for our biodiversity. We asked ourselves, how can we contribute, make a change for the better? We took matters into our own hands and are excited to announce this buzzing project of ours: This April we will share the outdoor space of our headquarters in Hoogeveen with our buzzy little friends: The Honeybees! Learn how you can contribute to making a difference for the bees.


Meet the next generation of dietary supplements by Hormetiq Forest

In the dark and colder days of the year, everyone has to pay a little extra attention to their health. Good nutrition, adequate sleep, and relaxation help to maintain your fitness. The stylish Polish brand Hormetiq Forest is paving the way with the next generation of dietary supplements to assist the body in protecting, recovering , and maintaining itself. Learn more about this new generation of dietary supplements.