Pressure sensitive seal, 42 mm (45/400), white with black text (for Saturn 50 ml and 100 ml)

Información general

Item code: TSC00A1C016-001
Tipo de cierre: cierre protector de aluminio
Capacidad del cristal: 50 ml (1 2/3-oz), 100 ml (3 1/3-oz)
Colección: Saturn
Forma: redondeada
Material: Poliestireno / Pegamento
Color: blanco
Código de artículo antiguo: SEAL-OL-WHAS50/100
Diámetro (mm): 42.20
Altura (mm): 0.6
Bloqueable: No
PC / caja: 10000
PC / paquete: 42
Peso (gram): 0.2
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Información sobre el producto
Pressure sensitive seals are easy to apply and add a protective layer to natural products. They not only help to preserve the freshness of a product, but also provide protection from tampering. These seals can keep out moisture and oxygen, which can degrade natural products. In addition, the user must break the seal to open the product. When the package is initially closed, the pressure of the lid activates the adhesive, creating a seal between the seal and the rim of the jar. There is no heat or additional adhesive required. These seals are ideal for protecting solid products including powders, spices, and herbs. The exposed portion of the white seal has black text that reads “Sealed for Your Protection”. This pressure sensitive seal pairs with the 50 ml and 100 ml Saturn Wide Neck Jars.
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