Pipette series III, DIN18, tamper-evident, PP, black matt, ribbed, black bulb NBR 0.7 ml, conical tip, straight (for Orion 15 ml)

Información general

Item code: RGB02D3A034-200
Tipo de cierre: pipetas
Capacidad del cristal: 15 ml (1/2-oz)
Rosca: DIN18
Serie: serie III
Material: NBR, PP, PEHD
Color: negro
Tipo de punta: punta cónica (0.7 ml)
Código de artículo antiguo: PVO-III-NBR-0.7-FL15-GS-SW
Bloqueable: No
PC / bolsa: 138
PC / caja: 2760
PC / palet: 44160
Peso (gram): 6.2


Color: Black
Material: NBR
Volumen: 0.7 ml
Opciones de color: On request


Color: Black
Diámetro (mm): 24.5 +0.3/-0
Opciones de color: On request
Parte exterior material: PP


Diámetro (mm): 6.5
Opción de graduación: On request
Material: Clear glass of hydrolytic class 3

Anillo a prueba de manipulaciones

Material: PEHD
Tipo: III
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Información sobre el producto
This high-quality Series III pipette allows you to precisely dispense a product, drop by drop, while also ensuring your product is not contaminated during use. MIRON offers several designs of tamper-evident caps that can be selected based on your preference and needs. Our tamper-evident Series III closures have a thicker rim and are made from multiple molds, using retention fingers on the tear strip. This design not only has a more luxurious look, but is also not as easy to manipulate, providing additional protection. This pipette’s straight, conical tip dispenses a 0.7 ml dose per drop. The cap’s black matte, ribbed design is made from polypropylene (PP), which is easily produced and has a high degree of purity. Some of its benefits include being difficult to break, lightweight, and recyclable. Due to its properties, PP is suitable for various applications, including food, cosmetic, and natural healing product packaging. The bulb is made from a black nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR). NBR bulbs are specialized for being used with oil-based or highly acidic liquids. This pipette has a DIN18 thread and pairs with the 15 ml Orion Dropper Bottle.
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Dropper bottle Orion 15 ml, DIN18, Miron HF12697-204