Cosmetic bottle 200 ml

Next to the 15ml, 30ml, 50ml, and 100ml. Meet our new 200ml cosmetic bottle! Perfect for clean beauty products, such as body lotion, hand balm, massage oil, liquid soap, home fragrances and much more. Many customers requested a bigger size in the series for their bigger volume items. Now the wait is over, offering a full range in bottles from 15ml to 200ml, mirroring our cosmetic jars, which also go up from 15ml to 200ml. The Cosmetic Bottle 200ml has a GCMI 24/410 neck finish and fits perfectly with our metropolitan large pump cap, our extended nozzle pump cap, or our spray caps.

Item code HF13656-204     (CFL-200)
Product status In stock
Height 136,1 ± 0,9mm
Diameter 56,1 + 1,3 / -0,6 mm
Weight 207 gr
Neck finish GCMI 24/410
Shape Round
Material Mironglass
Cpty to fill point 200 ml (6 3/4-oz)
Cpty brimfull 215,0 ± 4,2 ml
Label dim (H x W) 110 x 174,3 mm
Pcs/pack 30
Pcs/pallet 1620

Select corresponding closure:

    Pump caps

Lees verder Cosmetic bottle 200 ml with standard gel pump cap


Lees verder Cosmetic bottle 200 ml with metropolitan lotion pump cap

Metropolitan large

Lees verder Cosmetic bottle 200 ml with metropolitan gel pump cap small

Metropolitan small (USA only)

Lees verder Cosmetic bottle 200 ml with extended nozzle lotion pump cap

Extended nozzle (USA only)

    Spray caps

Lees verder Cosmetic bottle 200 ml with spray cap with transparent overcap

Transparent overcap

Lees verder Cosmetic bottle 200 ml with euromist spray cap

Euromist (USA only)

Cosmetic bottle series

Why MIRON glass?

Our cosmetic bottles are made from unique patented MIRON glass. This violet glass protects the biophotonic activity of the products stored in this glass from harmful rays of light. By allowing infra-red and UVA-light beams to penetrate through the glass enriching the contents and protecting against damaging visible-light, the shelf-life will dramatically improve. This characteristic is especially useful for high-quality natural products, like herbs, medicinal products, tea, coffee, and much more. Our customers invested lots of effort into their products. Our mission is to preserve the essence of their natural products. Learn more about violetglass.

  • Unique patented biophotonic glass
  • Improve shelf life, protect your product from harmful light
  • Luxurious designed European quality glass
  • Eco-friendly, 100% recyclable and reusable glass
  • Total packaging solution with accompanying closures
  • Fast delivery, shipping from stock
  • Best customer service
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