Classic lid with wide wideneck jar 150 ml

Violetglass product

Item code WHA-B-150
Product status In stock
Height 97,8 ±0,8 mm
Diameter 56,8 +1,3 / -0,7 mm
Weight 160 gr
Neck finish GCMI 400/53
Material Mironglass
Cpty to fill point 150 ml (5-oz)
Cpty brimfull 172,0 ±4,5 ml
Label dim (H x W) 76 x 176,2 mm
Pcs/pack 30
Pcs/pallet 2400


Item code DE-WHAB150-SW
Product status In stock
Height 19,2 ±0,2 mm
Diameter 56,3 ±0,2 mm
Weight 10,5 gr
Neck finish GCMI 53/400
Material SAN
Colour Black
Colour options On request
Pcs/box 300

Tamper-evident ring

Type N/A

Violet-sealing element

Material PHAN
Thickness 1,5 mm
PET/PE thickness 62 μm
LDPE thickness 40 μm
EPE density 200 gr / dm3

Violetglass product and closure

Height 104,8 mm

Violetglass series with classic lid and violet sealing element:

    Wide wideneck jars

    Extra wide wideneck jars

    Narrow wideneck jars

    Standard wideneck jars

    Standard cosmetic jars

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