Violet glass.
A miracle proven by science

What is the secret of MIRON’s violet glass? Why does our violet-colored glass preserve natural products longer than any other glass color? And longer than any plastic or aluminum packaging too. In some cases, a shelf life that is three times longer. How is this even possible? These are the questions we are asked by new customers. And they’re very good questions! The only way to answer them is with evidence and facts. Using experiments, tests and science to prove that the “wonder” we claim is true.

We are continuously researching the effects on natural products stored in our glass. Many of our customers also carry out tests in their own laboratories. In our opinion, there is no such thing as too much evidence. Especially considering that there has been almost no recognized independent studies to scientifically measure the effects of light on containers and their contents. Until now. MIRON decided to approach ENERLAB, one of the most exciting and forward-thinking laboratories in France. They are developing new scientific tools and even a new measuring system (CKREM) to help producers, traders and marketers to measure the energy and aromatic value of their products. And many other things besides. ENERLAB is an officially accredited company, recognized by the Ministry of Scientific Research and the French government.

From biophotons to a longer shelf life

ENERLAB believes that sunlight is the most important part of measuring. Not at all strange, when you stop to think about it. All plant and animal cells must have light because it supports life itself. Light energy in ultraviolet light (UV), visible light and infrared (IR), play a vital role in the overall quality of food and natural products. Leading to degradation and oxidation which destroys nutrients, loss of color, as well as the formation of unpleasant odors and toxic substances.

The study by ENERLAB concentrated on measuring the biophoton emissions of natural products in different glass colors as well as transparent plastic. If you’re not familiar with biophotons, they are the invisible light emitted and absorbed by all living things, including us. Foods and natural products with a higher biophoton content and with lower biophoton emissions are healthier and can be stored for longer. This is both scientifically interesting and commercially interesting (extended shelf life).

Seven different products were chosen for these breakthrough experiments, including organic wine, extra virgin olive oil and water-based organic lavender. They were all placed in the various colored glasses and plastic, including MIRON’s violet glass. All under exactly the same laboratory-controlled conditions, all exposed to exactly the same amount of sunlight.

The results were really quite amazing, but also have serious implications for the choice of packaging in almost all industries. Over a 74-day period of exposure to sunlight it was possible to clearly see the effects that light had on the products. From the 27 different samples taken, ENERLAB’s study showed that the product degradation was strongest in the transparent glass and plastic packaging. Especially the plastic packaging. Products in the amber and green glass fared better, but still showed various levels of degradation. These results alone, demonstrated something scientifically significant: the influence and importance of the color and the material of the containers.

The other major finding of this study was the increase in biophotons in violet glass, over a period of time. In other words, the goodness and quality in the product improved. Only violet glass increased the level of biophotonic emissions from 10 to 100%. The scientific study by ENERLAB makes it abundantly clear that packaging is the key to the preservation and quality of food and natural products. It’s also clear, that MIRON’s violet glass is leading in this field.

Of course, MIRON is delighted by these results, but it remains a process of continual improvement. Forever bettering our glass-making procedures and offering our customers the best service possible. Aesthetics and design matter to us too. We offer the best of both worlds. Beautiful glass that is also the most effective way to protect and preserve your natural products.

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