Food for body, mind and soul in 2022

How are you feeling today? What do you do to look after your physical and mental well-being? Do you think about what you eat and drink and what it does to you? Or for you? What’s certain, we have very different ideas about health and well-being compared to our parents. For example, who even thought that food and diet could have such a big impact on your mind as well as your body?

The wellness industry is set to grow by around 10% in 2022. That is massive, when you consider that McKinsey estimates the global market at 1.5 Trillion USD. Their extensive research found six pillars driving the market: better health, better fitness, better nutrition, better appearance, better sleep and better mindfulness.

Photos by Elanveda

Therapists are taking over the role of doctors

Thanks to advances in technology and AI, many more people, especially the young, are more switched on. People are thinking in terms of disease prevention rather than waiting to be sick. Trained therapists are taking over the role of doctors. Using fitness and scanning machines, even apps on your smartphone, enables the therapist to provide personalized and preventative health programs.

Regular contact with nature has been proven to help against stress and promote well-being. Imagine the goodness when you allow that nature into your body, by eating and drinking more natural products. Proper nourishment is a key part of overall well-being. These days it’s not just about food managements, it’s also mood management. Just some of the foods to lift your spirits include salmon (high in omega-3 fatty acids), fermented food, like yoghurt (produces probiotics, which are good for your gut) and beans and lentils (full of feel-good nutrients, especially vitamin B, which releases dopamine and serotonin).

Relax, destress and mellow out

Of course, everything in our body is connected. Your mood is affected by the quality of your sleep and the amount of stress you suffer. Fortunately, there are many new ideas and products to combat these issues. Companies are exploring novel ingredients, like CBD-infused food and drinks, to promote a sense of calm and well-being. In fact, the adult beverage market has a wide range of CBD-infused drinks to help you relax, sleep, destress and mellow out. And yes, CBD is indeed from the cannabis plant, which is enjoying a more positive reputation. It’s now often seen as a medicinal treatment for lowering blood pressure, reducing inflammation and even fighting cancer.

There’s also the rise and rise of adaptogens in herbal medicine. Natural substances to increase the body’s ability to resist the damaging effects of stress. Used in teas, powders and supplements. For example, ashwagandha, a non-toxic herb gaining attention in the US for its ability to modulate stress and anxiety. Even respected authorities, like Forbes, are writing about it in their health section! The long list of benefits includes supporting heart health, sharpening focus and memory and boosting fertility and testosterone in men.

Smart drugs that make you smarter

Relatively new on the scene: nootropics. Often called smart drugs and with good reason, as they are cognition and memory enhancers. In other words, they boost brain performance. Take, for instance, L-theanine, a theanine is a glutamate, a naturally occurring amino acid, which helps transmit nerve impulses in the brain. The L-theanine is found in tea and some mushrooms, and it’s now also available in pill or tablet form.

Glass that naturally enhances

So many new ideas about natural foods and drink, what about new ways of packaging them? Instead of plastic, which damages our environment, what about a 100% natural, sustainable and recyclable material like glass? And what about a glass that naturally enhances stored ingredients and increases the shelf life by up to 30%? That’s exactly what MIRON’s violet glass does, by absorbing the sun’s beneficial rays. While, at the same time, deflecting harmful rays. Through a combination of traditional glass-making techniques and cutting-edge technology.

MIRON’s violet glass jars and bottles are both practical and aesthetically pleasing. Made to be displayed, whether it’s in a store, or in a tastefully designed home. Food for thought, when you’re looking for peace of mind.