Packaging Trends: In Praise of Sustainable Glass Packaging

There are so many weird and wonderful new ideas for packaging. Novel materials using recycled paper and plastic from the ocean. Organic ingredients like banana leaves, hemp, coconuts and potatoes. But can you really beat sand, soda ash and limestone? The 100% all-natural and plentiful ingredients of glass. Recyclable, reusable and often, very beautiful.

Just considering glass on a practical level, we all know that it’s still one of the best ways to protect food from environmental changes, while preserving the taste, nutrition and flavor. These days, many brands see glass as their podium for their artistic expression. We are

living in a period of extreme change, but also extremely different ideas about glass packaging design. There are tasteful and ultra-minimal designs and “ecstatic colors” that literally grab your attention online or in a store.

Scrawled Typography

There are also brands taking the vintage route, awakening feelings of nostalgia. And typography has always been an important part of packaging, but it’s very noticeable that many brands are moving towards hand lettering, a casual, even scrawled feel. In stark contrast to the “perfect” balanced and clean designs from many of the bigger brands.

Probably one of the most interesting packaging design trends is what you don’t see on the packaging. Using QR codes on printed labels. Allowing food and drink manufacturers to make the experience more interactive. Linking the packaging experience to online brand stories, instructions, recipes, online reviews and films.

Inclusive Packaging

New ideas, as well as new printing and packaging technology make so much more possible. Even when producing a small quantity, glass packaging can include embossing, debossing, frosting, screen print and color spraying. More inspiring: designers are developing typefaces for dyslexic and neurodiverse consumers. Inclusive packaging can often focus on mobility and blindness, other issues are sometimes not tackled because they are seen as too expensive. Hopefully 2023 will bring more innovation in this area.

One area that absolutely cannot (and must not) be ignored is online purchases. How can you persuade the customer to buy your product when they have no physical contact with it? Just a small picture on their mobile phone. Then your creativity has to take into consideration bold simple fonts, solid colors, direct and to the point copy. Put simply, if they can’t read the packaging, the potential customer won’t buy your product.

MIRON’s Violet Glass

We mentioned earlier in this article that glass packaging can protect and preserve food products. The same is true for medicines, lotions and creams that use natural ingredients. It’s even more true with Miron violet glass,

because it extends the shelf life of products longer than almost any other glass product. How? Its unique properties make it the perfect filter for the sun’s light. Allowing the beneficial rays in, while keeping the harmful rays out.

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